JAX work hours??

  1. I just called JAX to find out about their office hours, to hear what I presumed will be an electronic recorded message revealing their office hours, but lo and behold, somebody picked up! It was 12:35 AM eastern time when I called! :wtf: Do they work so late?! On a Saturday no less! I'm really impressed; just a few hours ago at around 7:35 PM I called in, believing that no one will pick up, and again, someone did! I placed an order then. Do they work 24/7??
  2. 24 hrs I believe!
  3. 24 hours lol
  4. Everytime I have called (which hasn't been during morning hours), someone ALWAYS answers... so i'm goin to have to say 24/7 as well! :roflmfao:
  5. Yes, 24/7 and, you know why, don't you??


    The crazies on tPF are calling in at all hours of the night! :lol:
  6. :roflmfao: That's a good one! It's so true! I called JAX like five times this past week!