JAX sent the WRONG color!!!

  1. So...I was all excited by seeing that I would indeed get my handbag one day before expected...I was so excited...I tore open the box...And like a child at christmas time...Tore through the wrappings...To discover...THE WRONG COLOR!!!:crybaby: And for it being new...Which it was wrapped and stuff...The back is scuffed and dingy...Is this normal on how bags come when their mailed? Like it's Buck Skin in color...But the back has a blackish tint to it...Like it rubbed up against something dirty...Cute bag...The All Leather Sm. Flap Bleeker has a back pocket! I hadn't known that...But...Darn if I want this one. This is my least favorite color in handbags...:throwup: I am going to Canton tomorrow...I may see what they have there in Macy's and if I can exchange it for another bag...If not...Then I'll call JAX~
  2. What is up with JAX lately?? I just got my bag today and luckily didn't have this problem. The color was fine and the quality of the leather was perfect, but I've really been hearing some horror stories lately that make me question on whether or not I'll continue to order something through the mail.
  3. aww. what color was it supposed to be? i would take it to the nearest coach store and see if you can exchange it or if they can overnight you a new one in the right color for the inconvenience.
  4. :cursing: I can't exchange it at Macy's...Since I didn't BUY it there...ARG! I am off to call JAX...

    And the sales person...DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT JAX WAS!!! I explained what it was to the sales clerk...And she said...If you didn't buy it here...You can't exchange it out here either...
  5. I am sorry.. what a bummer! :tdown: Call the boutique that ordered it for you or jax and tell them to overnight you the right one! :yes:
  6. OMG!!! How frustrating!!!!! Sheesh! Now I am all worried cause the Fedex guy should be here with my pink Heritage Stripe tote today and I have a lump in my throat....will it be pink? Will it have a top zipper? Will it be a pilot bag?

    Coach, if you are listening.....this is getting to be VERY unacceptable!!!!! :sad:
  7. Oh no, I am expecting a bag from JAX this week too, hopefully it will be the right style and color!
  8. Awwwwwww <<hug>>
  9. Sorry this happend to you.
    I think I'll let JAX get their act together before I order anything else.
  10. hugs*I hope they fix it and you get the right bag soon!
  11. Well...Let's hope yours arrives just as you dreamed...;)...

    I don't know if it's the wrong color leather...But I just am so disappointed...It's a cute style don't get me wrong...BUT...I almost wish I had ordered another bag. I wish the strap was more comfortable as a shoulder bag...But...I do have bags with the same size strap. You just carry them in hand and when I look at stuff while shopping I hang it from my wrist.

    I am sure that when I get the color I wished...that I'll love it. It's just disappointing is all...I also mentioned the back of the handbag to them. She said it may just be the condition of the leather. Due to leather having it's own flaws. And since it's the Buckskin it would show up more...What ever...Just wanted to make that noted.

    I casually mentioned if I could change the style...She said "no she didn't do exchanges." Even though I contemplated the larger version Flap.

    So the Fed-Ex guy is to pick it up tomorrow. (Mind you our driver won't step foot out of the truck due to my owning BULLDOGS) Even though the neighborhood kids as well as my own play with them and their gentle giants...:rolleyes: I explained to her...If there is NO Jeep in the drive. Then the driver is to just go and retrieve the box under the deck. If my Jeep is there. Then I'll bring it to him if he honks...Once they have it marked that it's been picked up...THEN they'll send my bag out next day. So it should arrive FRIDAY~

    I'll never ORDER another handbag sight unseen...First time...Bad experiance...I'll just buy what I find in stores...Or pass on a certain style if they don't have them...Oh...They said they'll reinburse me shipping...Isn't that nice of them...I'm curious if they'll reinburse me the amount they quoted when I ordered it...Or what they actually charged me that was $3 more than they quoted.

    :sad: This just SUCKS~ It totally took the thrill out of the purchase...:crybaby:

    I have cash in hand...I may just stop in at Macy's or Dillards tomorrow...And see what I can do to make myself feel a bit better...:graucho:
  12. I'm so sorry this happened to you. As for Macy's, they're SAs are just assigned to the Coach area but they don't know any more about Coach than someone assigned to men's wear. And I'm not surprised that she didn't know what JAX was. They only sell what's made available to them in the store, they don't order bags for people so they wouldn't know what JAX is necessarily. My guess is that 9 times out of 10, we know way more than department store SAs do about Coach. We often times know more than Coach SAs.

    I'm glad Coach is making it right though and reimbursing your shipping and overnighting your new bag. It sucks to be disappointed. I can only order sight unseen and so far have had no issues whatsoever with JAX, thank goodness! I look forward to seeing your new bag when it arrives!
  13. Yeah, ITA. Lately they've been a little off......not knowing their stuff, sending the wrong things. Let's just hope they were swamped for the holidays and things will go back to normal.

    I'm sorry that happened to you. Let us know when you get the bag you wanted and post pics! Good luck!
  14. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I empathize with you - REALLY I do. I hope it all gets straightened out.
  15. That is such a bummer! I am so sorry