1. What is JAX? (I searched and didn't find a definition.) I'm guessing from context it's a location code for the center of the Coach Universe.

    I've noticed other folks using 3-digit locations codes (stores?) in posts. Could we use this thread for those in the know to define the 3-digit codes for those of us who don't know?

    If this is a duplicate - please forgive me - I did a search. You can kick me out if you want....just don't take away my outlet priviledges!

  2. Jacksonville, FL - Coach headquarters, or main customer service place.:yes:

    Don't worry, I didn't figure this out until not too long ago!! And hey, I still could be wrong, who knows! :biggrin:
  3. what other codes are there? maybe i'm not seeing them because i understand them? :shrugs:
  4. jacksonville is where our warehouse is, main. that's where all the bags distributed in USA as far as i know, comes from
  5. I thought I saw someone use a code for a couple of California locations. I could be wrong - I could have misunderstood a shorthand....LOL!
  6. I keep hearing about this, what is it?
  7. Jacksonville, Fl....I think it's Coach's main headquarters place LOL Like the warehouse where all bags get shipped to go to the stores:shrugs: I explained it better in my head.
  8. thank you!
  9. yup, it's jacksonville- where the warehouse is...where it would be very fun to do some breaking and entering...(:whistle:)
  10. Can't you call them just by calling the customer service number?
  11. I'd be right there with you Kallison! They must have some of the older styles in there too. Can you imagine the collections we could "borrow"? :drool:
  12. jax is just the warehouse. so when you call and order from cs, that's where they (usually) ship from.
  13. Ohh, so there's a separate phone number to speak to the warehouse directly?? What is it? :smile:
  14. nope. you call cs and it's fulfilled from their warehouse. you don't ever deal with that.
  15. kallison, me and you, lets go I think I have an idea of where it is, bc when I worked at Michaels (their warehouse is there) and its like a warehouse row (like the frat) along side the highway!!! :sneaky: