Jaw + Nose Surgery Update [video with before & after photos]

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  1. #1 May 1, 2016
    Last edited: May 1, 2016
    Hey, y'all!

    I usually receive a lot of criticism from this site, but in order to contribute to the community, I am already public about my procedures and my face.:smile:
    • Plastic Surgery Clinic: Banobagi Clinic
    • Tourism Agency: DocFinder Korea
    • Sponsorship Company: None
    • Occupation: U.S. Military/Youtuber

    Here is the before & after photo:

    Attached Files:

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  2. So did using a "tourism agency" help? How much was jaw surgery? Did you need to wear braces at any point?

    It looks like it went well.
  3. It helped for me because I had no idea how to talk to clinics, how to get around Korea, etc. It wasn't until I got to Korea that I made friends there. When I go back to Korea, I pretty much can get around on my own. I would only recommend a tourism agency for people who also have anxiety about handling things in a foreign country. :smile: I wore braces WAY before surgery not associated with the surgery. Thanks so much! ^_^
  4. I should have asked--did you need your jaw wired shut after the reduction?

    Did you get a zygomatic cheekbone reduction as well?
  5. No, I didn't need it wired shut & I also did not get cheekbone reduction. I love my huge cheekbones. I think think jaw reduction just overall made my face look slimmer.
  6. Really enjoyed your youtube vlog Yaku. You are too funny! Great sense of humour. Glad you had a positive outcome. My turn for plastic surgery in Korea later this month! Exciting.
  7. Thanks so much! ^_^ Life's too short to live so upset and unhappy about anything! I'm so excited for you and your journey! Please, take it slow. I know a lot of the time is "I want it now" but it just rushes the process. I have faith you'll come out looking like a hottie.

    You're hot no matter what because you're so positive & positivity shines brighter than any outer appearance. :heart: :P
  8. Do you know what was involved in the surgery in re positioning the bones/your chin? How long did it take till you could chew or speak without pain again?
  9. Lmao you are frigin hilarious.

    I'm in Korea right now gettin a $$ injec... sike!.. Getting jaw surgery. Lol. U look great, hope we can see you when you deswell. Happy healing!
  10. From what I can remember, the jaw was numb & not painful. I simply could not chew because my mouth just wouldn't open wide enough to chew much. What was painful was smiling because it felt like my nose was going to rip apart. You know how the nostrils stretch when you smile? Yeahhhhh... that was the most painful part.

    Had to maintain a ***** face in order to avoid pain. lol:biggrin: The numbness is still there on two sides of my chin and it's been 3 1/2 months.

    My nose is doing fine and don't feel pain. That takes a year to heal though. In 2 months, I could open my mouth normally. :smile:
  11. Hahaha! :lol: I have been contemplating fat removal from under my chin, but something about the bands under your neck or something. I am just very impatient. I haven't even fully recovered yet, but that fat pocket under my chin is swollen, and it bugs me sometimes. I have 2 months to go, and weight to cut. lol Maybe I should've waited before I started to build muscle.

    :lol: Hope your journey is smooth! Good luck!!
  12. You look good, how long was the recovery process? ^^

    How would you rate Banobagi as a clinic? I was thinking of going there for facial contouring but I've heard their results are sometimes almost too natural (as in not much change). Maybe that's for women though hehe
  13. I'm actually only 3 1/2 months into recovery, so I still have 2 1/2 months to go to see the final results for my jaw area. It's de-swelling great. Only issue, like I explained in the video, is that NOW the fat under my chin is more visible, but I think it's a combination of the swelling that hasn't gone down.

    I rate Banobagi a 7/10 ONLY because they were very busy when I went during winter break. If you go in slower seasons such as non-holiday months, they're much more attentive from what I hear. Can't guarantee that from my experience. I had an average experience.

    Some people say I look botched, some say I look good, some say "meh." L O L It comes with the price of posting your face publicly. Everyone suddenly becomes an aesthetic appearance professional. :lol:

    My face is considerably smaller than what it was. Banobagi and many other clinics have a v-line specifically for men. Just when you go, be VERY specific on how you want your jaw to look. Draw out a picture even just to show the surgeon.

    If you want dramatic change, let your doctor know. I wish you the best for your PS journey!!!
  14. Thanks! Yeah, I have heard it takes a while to see the full result.

    When is the "slower season"? I am going this year, probably Sep/Oct at the latest.

    Coming from America have you found that people are more judgmental of PS? I'm from Germany where it is very rare. I don't know if I want to tell people :lol:

    That is good advice! Thanks, I will draw it.

    Best of luck for your recovery :biggrin:

  15. Sep/Oct are perfect times to go because they aren't many people there for vacation at this time. Summer & Winter are very busy, though!

    People in America generally talk bad about people who get plastic surgery even thought they themselves have considered getting a procedure done. We have different types of people with so many different opinions, but it's slowly getting better.

    If you don't want to tell anyone, you aren't obligated to. It's your business, your privacy, your body, your destiny. If there is someone you trust to not spread rumors about you, then you can tell them, but if you want to keep it a secret, I see nothing wrong with that.

    These nosey-*** people do not pay your bills. lol