Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz

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  1. Ugh - embaressed to admit but, we get US Weekly here; anyway - page 24 Penelope Cruz can be seen with the Dior Gaucho in red, the double handle tote style. It looks quite large, but seems to fit on the shoulders very well.

    If you are at the supermarket check it out - I don't have a scanner or I would scan the picture in.
  2. hahaha that's hilarious! i buy it too sometimes if i see something on the cover i want to read about but i will check it out tomorrow!
  3. I get it too! Here's my attempt to take a photo of the photo:

  4. Thanks for taking the picture; it looks perfect. I really do like this bag - but, promised myself no more "it" bags.

    I really like this color though and the style of the double handled gaucho.
  5. Are you sure that's the red and not brown? I like this bag too - especially the tote. I think I might "need" it! ha ha!
  6. Also - sorry the picture is sideways. I don't know how to turn it.
  7. It looks burgundy to me, but, I could be wrong - I am pretty sure in the Dior gaucho thread someone posted a pic of this bag from a catalog and said it was red.

    Your picture is perfect, not sideways at all.

    Yes, I am best off not to see one in person; because I really do like it.
  8. :sigh . . . LOVE that
  9. Well...I love the color. Maybe I'll bring the photo to my SA at NM to see if they can tell me the color. I LOVE that too... I actually like it better than the saddle. Seems more practical for me.
  10. I don't really like this reddish version of brown . I think I much prefer this bag in white and in the large style..not the tote version.
  11. Wow, I like this colour so much better than the white one. Of course, if anyone were to gift me with a Gaucho of any colour, I wouldn't complain !
  12. Re: Penelope Cruz with Dior Gaucho

    The color is definitely red. it is beautiful!!!!!! DIOR in New Jersey had four last night. Have not decided between the red or white.
  13. She consider herself a Hollywood outsider because she want to avoid being caught in the glare of the movie capital's bright lights. She said that she feel very grateful for the opportunities Hollywood are giving her there also. "There are a lot of positive things, but there are always things that are dangerous, may be even more for a woman," she added.
    I bet Tom Cruise is on that 'Dangerous Things' list:graucho:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Source: Absolutely.net
  14. She's such a stunning woman.
  15. Love the first pic, very chic...
    She's lucky that she got away from Tom..