Java Girl's Bag Collection

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  1. My love affair with bags & purses started in 1993 when my late father gave me my first branded bag which was a black Philippe Charriol Shoulder Bag. After a few months, an aunt of mine gave me a Burberry Shoulder Bag. I used those two bags for years and continued to acquire more bags....

    Then about 2 years ago, I started my obsession with FINO Leather Bags - a local brand here in the Philippines (which is where I live). I love these bags because the quality of the materials & the craftsmanship are so good! Here they are.....

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  2. I also fancied another local brand which is called Tru Bags....

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  3. Cool bags...I really like the green one :smile:
  4. Then, it was about late last year when I was in Singapore with my husband, I happened to pass by the Louis Vuitton Store in Takashimaya Mall when I saw this long line of customers, waiting for their turn to get inside. The store was full... it got me curious so I immediately line up & waited for my turn to get inside. I got inside after half an hour.... then after an hour, I got out of the store carrying my very first LV Bag - a Speedy 30 Minilin Ebene.

    In the next few months, I got myself a small LV collection..... in addition to the Speedy 30 Minilin, I have a Papillon Damier Ebene, a Neverfull MM Tote, a Speedy 25 Damier Azur, a Denim Monogram Neo Cabby MM in black, a Monogram Pochette and a Sunset Boulevard Vernis Purse in Amarante.

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  5. Then, last May, my husband and I were in Saks Fifth New York when I passed by Chanel Boutique.... a few minutes after, I bought my first Chanel Bag which was a small shopping tote in black caviar & gold hardware.

    Last week, a friend of mine came home from Paris bringing with them my second chanel bag which is a red lambskin shoulder bag with silver hardware....That's actually my latest acquisition.

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  6. I'd also like to post a picture of my other bags in various brands - it includes my very first branded bag, Philippe Charriol Black Shoulder Bag, Burberry Shoulder Bag, A Kate Spade Tarrytown Quinn Red Tote, A Coach Hobo Bag which I also bought last May in an outlet at Las vegas, a Jackie O Gucci Hobo, a Ralph Lauren Houndstooth Shoulder Bag in Brown, a Ralph Lauren Fuschia Hobo and a XOXO Bronze Satchel Bag.

    I actually have more bags some are brandless (mostly came from Korea) but the styles are really very nice! I also have some Liz Claiborne & Nine West Bags. I will try to post their pictures next time...

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  7. Nice Collection!
  8. Georguse bags, Great collection!:yes:
  9. Nice collection!
  10. Beautiful collection, thank you for sharing!
  11. Lovely collection! LOVIN' your Damier Papillon!
  12. wonderful collection..Your Chanel bags are really gorgeous.Thanks for sharing!!!
  13. Gorgeous collection
  14. Lovely set of bags! I want to see your Liz Claiborne and other bags too.
  15. i adore your collection, i was waiting to see a picture of your first purse and i'm glad you posted it as your last post b/c it just makes it seem very special, you know, like how they have grand finales :-P. that's how i felt when i saw it!

    the fino bags look very fine.

    thanks so much for sharing :smile: