Java and Bark...are they really the same shade?

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  1. Ok...seeing as I never get to see my Koobas before they arrive at my door, Im wondering if anyone has seen the Java (paige) and Bark (Sloane, Lena) in real life and could you tell me if they are actually the same shade? Im now leaning towards a Bark Lena. Im over my Khaki Paige phase as realistically with my 'mum' lifestyle, its gonna get grubby quickly.

    I have checked out loads of websites that sell them but still on each site they look different.

    Also...maybe a long shot, but I have a Tano Boogie Bucket on the way in Brusciato (that dark shiny brown colour) so if I do get a Kooba in Bark, I dont want it to be too similar in colour to the Tano. Anyone know about that?

    Lol..yeah so I dont ask much:p
  2. oh my gosh halzer! i was just looking at the paige java and wondering the same thing!
  3. I've heard the Lena in bark is actually very greenish, while Java is chocolate brown.
  4. Oh well I have placed an order for a lena in Bark from Revolve. I used the 30% first time buyers discount and the amount came to $321 with free shipping, which is great as Im in the UK!!
    Im estimating customs will be about £40-£50 but Im still happy with my buy. After almost a week studying all the possible Kooba contenders Im glad that I finally made a choice :lol:

    Im offically on a purse ban until January 2008!!!
  5. Halz, I think Lexie had a Lena in Bark and I think she loved the colour, but the bag itself was not for her, she'll tell you about it:smile:
  6. You made a good choice Halzer. The Bark is a beautiful color. It's brown but has the slightest hint of green in it (imagine the bark of a tree with that greenish tint). Java is more of a flat color. Bark is a beautiful shade that I wish they would make some more bags in.

    And the Brusciato Tano is nothing at all like the Bark (unless Tano bags vary in color from bag to bag). My Tano was a deep Rich brown. The Bark is more of a medium color. I think you will be very happy with the color. I think I would have loved my Lena if it weren't for the funky side pockets.
  7. i love my java paige i think its actually not flat :sad: color its brown but has reddish browns and deeper browns ) i think its great !