Jaunty January 2020 Vuitton Purchases

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  1. As the world moves on to the new year, I wish you all the best for 2020!

    Share with us your new purchases from Louis Vuitton!

  2. the early bird catches the worm … :smile:


    happy new year to you, fabuleux, and all other forum members. :wave:
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    I’ll start with my own reveals. First, I bought a second TP19. These pouches are so convenient! This one is Made in Spain.


    I was looking at a bag for weeks online and when I finally got to France (where I’m spending the holidays), I visited my local Louis Vuitton store to purchase it. My regular SA wasn’t there and the guy who helped me out stated that this bag was pretty much sold out. The only one left in France was at the Chamonix boutique and that it was likely “unsalable” as a display item.

    I was really disappointed and started looking at other options: the Kim Jones Dior saddle, the Hermès Dynamo tote, and a Gucci tote... but I couldn’t get the LV bag out of my mind. Thus I decided to email my SA and asked him to double check.

    The next day, my SA calls and reveals that Chamonix has, in fact, two of these bags (one display and one new). This was the last inventory in the country. After some negotiating, he was granted special authorization to proceed with the transfer. Needless to say, I was thrilled!

    Here is my Pre-SS20 Cabas Voyage Legacy!


    As a little gift, my SA gave me a small luggage tag in Cuir Nomade. Not sure if I will place it on the bag though: the chain detail makes the bag busy enough I think.


    Shout out to all the amazing LV SAs!!!
  4. Congratulations on your new belt! :hbeat:
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  5. Great story!
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  6. It's already January with you guys? :amuse: Where do you live, Tonga? :smile:
  7. Happy New Year 2020 all! Wishing you good health, much happiness, love and success in the new year!! And that the bag fairy is good to all as well!

  8. love, love, love the new bag, especially the chain detail -- a great addition to your collection - congrats!!
  9. @fabuleux Love this! Congrats on such an amazing addition!
    Love this! Congrats on an amazing addition!
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  10. Thank you! I haven’t been this excited about a Vuitton bag in years! :smile:
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  11. congratulations on your fantastic items and thanks alot, it‘s a gift for my wife. (for ages i‘m just wearing „boss“.) :wave:
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  12. Gorgeous bag and so timeless.
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  13. What a gorgeous bag! Congrats
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  14. .
  15. @fabuleux Congratulations on your stunning bag! It’s one that I keep wanting to scroll back and stare at. Beautiful!
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