Jaune Work in RH pics from BalNY

  1. Dear Kim sent me these pics of it and I am getting it today.:tup: I like this yellow better than shiny yellow and the leather is gorgeous.
  2. ...the pictures?!! :nuts:
  3. Yes, where are the photos? I can't see them. Congratulations on the new bag, though!
  4. oops...sorry, here they are...
    DSC04690.JPG marigoldwork.jpg.JPG
  5. SWEET JESUS!!! Thats a beautiful bag!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! CONGRATSS!!!! I am sooo jealous!! I hope I get a call about one, I am in love with the color and the leather looks amazing you must feel like your ion cloud 9!!!
  6. That's the most beautiful color I've ever seen! Aaaaaah, it's fabulous!
  7. Oh. my. GOSH!

    Like an arrow straight into my heart.

    Are there any Firsts available in this color, Chloe?
  8. yes!! call now:tup:
  9. I am not sure because I only put my name down for work. Just give Kim a call and she is a sweetheart!

    good luck!:yahoo:
  10. Oh no! oh no oh no oh no. I didn't want to like anything else!!!! Now I'm in trouble. JAUNE IS GORGEOUS!
  11. WOW!! Juane is beautiful! :tup:
  12. Wow, gorgeous!!!
  13. oh no!!! i was trying to forget abt the yellow and violet but they're both so pretty!!! uuuugghh
  14. Oh yes! Argh, I'm at work so I can't call until tonight :push:.

    What do you guys think I should get: First, RH City or GH (Silver) City?
  15. the first pic is pretty accurate of the juane, i would ask for pics of the sides as they were darker when i saw it yesterday.