Jaune with silver giant...

  1. :yahoo:Yes, I will get a jaune daybag with silver....:nuts:
    I`m on the list and I think this combination will
    be stunning.

    Who agrees with me?
    Now I`m getting a mastic with silver (on it`s way).
    Then it will be the pine for the fall, all with silver.
  2. Are there any pics of the jaune with silver, I think I saw
    it on the pf...a while ago?
  3. If you like GH, I think Juane will be gorgeous with silver!!!! I think gold would be too much yellow.
  4. Jaune with SGH sounds amazing :heart:
  5. I think it will look absolutely stunning!
  6. Definitely .. sounds like a stunner... :smile:
  7. sounds stunning to me! although I'm not a yellow bag person... this color is gorgeous from the work bag posted by Chloe_concord... CONGRATS! and dont forget to post pics for us!
  8. [​IMG]

    From Karenab's thread.
  9. You are one lucky lady!!!! I am really liking the SGH. Please be sure to post pictures. They are all sure to be gorgeous!!!:tup:
  10. :smile: Hope the yellow will be brighter with the silver.
  11. I see the pine here with silver, I think it looks better with the gold.
    Check the previous thread with the accessories.
    (pics of pine with silver).
  12. Swissflower - where did you find the mastic w/silver Day?
  13. How exciting! All those colors with GSH sound FUN...can't wait to see pics.
  14. WOW....can't wait to see pics....pls post her with u receive it!

    Congrats once again!
  15. Sounds gorgeous! Cant wait for pics!