*JAUNE* what style would you get?

  1. the color looks like a very warm yellow with a slight hint of orange in it. i don't think i could pull it off in anything bigger than a city. the city size would actually be pushing it, i think. because it may be too bright. however a first would be too small- for me. so what's left? a twiggy? perhaps? i think balenciaga has to come out with another style that's similar to the box size... bigger than a first but smaller than a city. either way i really want to get juane and violet so i'll be saving up my pennies. :sweatdrop:

    i assume the violet and jaune are both from the collection colors which means we'll have to pass them time somehow until we get to october!:popcorn:
  2. A day -- because it's so casual and the color is casual.
  3. ^^^That's what I was thinking too! A Day !! Maybe with Gold GH! Over the top!!!! :nuts:
  4. I would get in CITY ;)
  5. I would get it in a city with gold hardware (maybe) for myself.

    For you, what about the new step style?
  6. First
  7. I'm thinking a first
  8. i'm thinking abt First or Twiggy...
  9. I'm thinking of getting some accessories in jaune:heart:
  10. Twiggy is my plan.:graucho:
  11. Day or First
  12. First
  13. Probably a First. Wish they'd bring back the Box. It would be adorable in a Box!
  14. yup, a box. that's what i was thinking... i think the twiggy would be nice. but i wish the twiggy wasn't so barrel-ish.
  15. the step style looks big. as big as the brief. and in yellow would be a bit much. if all else fails i'll stick to city. might not be so bad....