Jaune vs Soleil

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to the H forum and am thinking on getting my first birkin.

    I'm a big fan of yellow and I have seen fabulous birkins in both jaune and soleil.

    However, they seem to be pretty close in the pictures. My question for the H experts is:

    What is the difference between jaune and soleil? Does anyone have a picture that has them side by side? I have seen plenty of pictures with them alone, but not a comparison one. Thanks!
  2. Would be nice if someone who owns both Jaune and Soleil to take side by side pics to share with us.

    Jaune is not currently being offered. Grab Soleil should it disappear!
  3. I would love the see the difference too, but imho they are just like you've said pretty close. Both are beautiful and cheerful color though.
  4. I don't have a side by side picture. But I think this might help.

    This is a color chart for web design.
    Jaune is close to #FFFF33
    Soleil is close to #FFCC00

    Keep in mind that the color also depends on the skin. Swift would be brighter than clemence or togo, for example.
  5. I've seen jaune in epsom and it's a little brighter than soleil.
  6. ^ Yup me too and I actually prefer Soleil than Jaune. Jaune is like neon.
  7. I like Jaune because it comes in courcheval whereas Soleil does not. Soleil is a neutral yellow and in a birkin, it's a happy :sunshine: color. Soleil does take big sizes very well unlike Jaune. Ultimately, I like both.:Push:
  8. Jaune is more neon, as Queenie mentioned. I find that it has a green undertone, such that under certain lights it sometimes looks like a yellow-lime green-ish sort of a color. This is for togo.

    Soleil, on the other hand, looks like a pure yellow color to me. I don't own soleil, however, so I can't really comment.
  9. Jaune is definitely brighter

    Soleil is a more subdued yellow =)

    both are beautiful
  10. Soleil, find its shade a happy color!
  11. Welcome to the H side!! I like both colours, but I actually prefer Curry!!!
    If you search for Kimora Lee Simmons, she owns a Jaune Birkin which is a stunning example. If you favour yellows as the others suggest grab some Soleil while you can!
  12. I want a 35 togo soleil birkin.. I am confused to what hardware I shud get it in?
    GHW or PHW
    Wht looks better against the yellow??
    I have an orange 35 cm togo GHW
    Rouge garrance 35cm togo PHW
    Blue jean 30 cm togo PHW

    Pls give me ur inputs :smile:
    Totally confused :smile:
  13. Soleil does come in Epsom which is H's current version of Courcheval.
  14. I don't like GHW, but I have to say soleil with GHW looks amazing :biggrin:
  15. PHW is great. :blush: