Jaune twiggy picture

  1. Enjoy the eye candy! I am still undecided whether I should get this one or wait for the City. Help please!
  2. oooooooooooo it is so pretty... i don't think you can go wrong either one. altho i am sort of leaning towards the twiggy myself.
  3. adorble ~~~~~~

    now i am craving for twiggy and yellow color~~~
  4. Oh, wow! I LOVE the Twiggy in Juane! That is a beautiful bag. I don't think you could miss with this or the City, but I might actually prefer the Twiggy. Depends on which style you love more on you.
  5. Very nice color! I love it!
  6. I think I'd prefer the twiggy for bright, fun colors.
  7. jaune is pretty i want one in part time ^_^
  8. Wow - this looks like a sure fire winner!
  9. I think I would prefer the city! Either way, so cute!
  10. [​IMG]
    I LOVE it in the twiggy! So cute!!!!
  11. Just gorgeous ... I love the jaune in the twiggy, I say keep it!
  12. I am very close to purchase it:yahoo::nuts:
  13. i love the twiggy style and this color is TDF.. i say it's a keeper!!!
  14. KEEP! I love this color in the twiggy style.
  15. Wow!!! I love it in the Twiggy! The leather looks incredible on this bag........GET IT!!!:yahoo: