Jaune Twiggy from BalNY

  1. Hello : )

    I was woken from a nap on Friday afternoon by my ringing cell phone and was a little annoyed *until* I saw BalNY on the screen. I knew Daphne could only be calling for one thing! Yippeee!!

    The pictures don't really show the "glow" of the colour. It's definitely yellow, the pictures seem to show it way more brown than it is. I got home later today with the fading sun, and it was overcast, I will try for more pics in the morning light.

    It's kind of like the inside of a sunflower, a deep golden yellow. I think it will be quite wearable.

    Oh and the price seems to have dropped. I thought it was a mistake on my receipt, but the tag also says $1055. The cards state 2007 03.

    I wish you well,


    Jaune Twiggy 01.jpg Jaune Twiggy 02.jpg Jaune Twiggy 03.jpg Jaune Twiggy 04.jpg
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  5. Bridget!!! She is such a gorgeous addition to your Twiggy Family!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Jaune rocks!:heart:
  6. congratulations bridgetS long time no see!
  7. Gorgeous!!! :smile: Beautiful shade of yellow!

    Makes me wonder if there's a jaune first...
  8. I just love this color, so vibrant and warm! Congratulations, Bridget!!
  9. she's beautiful! CONGRATS bridget! so how many twiggys you have now???
  10. -jaw drops and drool oozes onto keyboard- Holy crap! That is one GORGEOUS bag! I bow down to the Twiggy queen once more. What a fabulous addition to your already stunning collection!
  11. PRETTY pretty pretty... cOngrats....Marigold is starting to grow on me! :love:
  12. Thanks for the kind words : )

    This one makes unlucky 13, Violet better hurry along!

    I wish you well,

  13. Gorgeous gorgeos gorgeous!!! And WOW...great news about the twiggy dropping back down in price!!!!!!
  14. Oh...and I would LOVE to see pics of all your twiggys out together one day! It must be divine!
  15. Thanks ICB, keodi, skytalon, realdeal, addicted ali, Cheshire Cat (so glad to have you on the Twiggy team now!!) and oogiewoogie : )

    I love the colour, but wish it were lighter in colour. I am a little undecided about what to do. I know the handles will darken, but I think with use, it will get lighter (I know pretty much all my other bags have got lighter with use, even the saturated ones like Rouille), especially being so distressed ... or wait for the rumoured yellow in 08, but it's just a rumour and if it doesn't happen I would be quite sad to have missed Jaune.

    Indecision is awful. I have 10 days : )

    I wish you well,