Jaune, twiggy, city or brief???

  1. can anyone help me to make a decision? i'm going to buy balen in jaune color but i dont know which style i should buy. moreover, if you guys have jaune in any styles, pls post pics for me for giving me an idea.....really thanks.
  2. I think a twiggy would be really great for this color.
  3. Those are all such different styles.
    The Jaune colour would look great in any of these styles, the trick is deciding which style suits YOU!
    I would suggest looking thru the Style Reference threads and the What's in Your Bag thread to get an idea of what style you like the look of and what size you would need.
    Good luck!
  4. Teewiggy!
  5. I vote for twiggy too! sooooo cute and styli!!!
  6. Another vote for the Twiggy:girlsigh:
  7. Twiggy : ) It's such a happy combination : )


    I also agree with Pursendipity though, you have to get the style that works for you, what is the use of a super cute Twiggy when you have to carry papers, books or magazines all the time and you can't use her because she's too short, and she sadly languishes in your closet?? The Jaune has looked amazing in all the styles that I have seen, so get what works for you!

    I wish you well,

    Jaune Twiggy OX 01.jpg
  8. I will be vote for City.
  9. twiggy of course! or maybe, just maybe a city.... it's a fun color it suits a fun bag!
    breif is a little too work-ish... yeah you know what i mean
  10. :heart: Twiggy!!! It looks really nice!!!
  11. That twiggy looks so hot!
  12. Brief! I am obsessed with this style.
  13. city!!! more leather to love!!!!!
  14. i'm gonna have to say twiggy as well!
  15. My vote goes to the twiggy too. It would be such a fun splash of color without screaming it.