Jaune Step and updated sm family shots!

  1. I got my jaune step yesterday. She is a gorgeous color, and the leather distressing is perfect. I am considering exchanging her because the leather is a tad dry and I never use leather conditioner. Either way, the color and style look wonderful and it is a bag I want and need in my collection.
    jaunestep.jpg jaunestep2.jpg jaunestep3.jpg
  2. My small collection shots!:shame:
    Jaune Step, Rouge VIF Mini bowling, Violet SGH Brief, and Black GGH Brief.
    fam.jpg fam2.jpg
  3. WOW!! You have an amazing collection!! I think I need something in jaune :p
  4. Wow... finally another color in the step.. it's so:huh: pretty. :yes: cOngrats... :woohoo:
  5. WOW look at all those colors.:nuts: Congrats.:yahoo:
  6. Your color choices are amazing!!:tup:
  7. WOWW!!! love the colors in your collection!!I loooove the step in Jaune CONGRATS
  8. Ultra cute step and I lovvvvvvve the bowling!
  9. I love the juane in the step style! I love the colors of your family :yahoo:
  10. congrats! jaune looks great in the step style. love your collection!
  11. you have such a colorful collection!! love your new addition
  12. you have a great collection!! jaune is such an amazing and cheerful color :love:
  13. Wow I really love the shade of that Jaune- it's the nicest I've seen (not too orange). Great collection overall-I like all your color choices! Congrats
  14. Fabulous, kitten!!! I'm actually waiting for the exact bag from NM. I can't wait to see it in person!

    How about some modeling pics, please??
  15. Gorgeous!!!:drool:

    Modeling pics, please!!!