Jaune SH City, shoud I get it if it's less than $1000.

  1. I know for sure this bag is authentic. Please help me decided.
  2. You should get it if you will love and use it!
  3. Do you even have to ask? Thats like $500 off msrp.
  4. FOR SURE... thats a good price!
  5. Def!
  6. Jaune with SGH? Uh, yes! And your positive that is it authentic? Even the Jaune with RH under $1000 would be great!
  7. Thanks for all your replies, I like this beautiful color, but not sure if it's too eye catching. I decided to pass this deal to someone else, so I Will save the money for 2008 color.
  8. lol if you don't want it can I have it?? :wlae:
  9. It's a great price:tup:!And is a fabulous color:heart:...bright,intense,but discreet and versatile!
  10. GOOD LUCK, GREAT PRICE! Please keep us informed and post some photos when it arrives.
  11. sure! tell me if you don't want it!
  12. just saw your reply~~:blush:
    good luck, then...