Jaune poussin (chartreuse) or curry

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  1. Hi ladies.
    Which color do you prefer.
    Jaune Poussin or Curry for a RH City?

  2. I like the Jaune Poisson, but then again .. I like it because it reminds me of the "oldie" Anis in some respects. It definitely has a lime green undertone, so if that would be bothersome to you, then you might want to go with the Curry.
  3. I prefer jaune poussin. i've seen it IRL and has nice green undertones. But I'm biased because I love green
  4. Jaune poussin! It is really gorgeous in real life; the green undertones make it just that bit more interesting.
  5. The Jaune Poussin is absolutely stunning. It's a gorgeous bright green, but I think for a brown - the Curry is beautiful.

    I had a Curry Day for about 10 minutes but then had to pack it up for return when I noticed how damaged it was.

    They are both gorgeous colors, but they fit different uses and purposes.
  6. Love that color
  7. I think I will wait for the JP.
  8. I have seen a couple of jaune poussin Bals this week, I love the colour. Sadly the leather on the city was very papery. The Town was much better but is too small for me.
  9. I hate papery leather. I had a Blue Lavande which was like that and sold it. And I have two Papyrus ones that I am so afraid to use. I wouldn't want another one and unfortunately the only way to get it is from Cannes which means I won't have the chance to see it first, I will have to order it. Of course I could ask Sebastien to check it for me.
  10. Good luck with your purchase. I am off to Côte d'Azur next month but don't think I can drag hubby to Bal lol. I lack something green and yellow in my collection so hope a nice jaune poussin will pop up somewhere. I prefer it with RH as the colour pops more.
  11. I have a Vert Poker First but nothing in yellow. I thought of JP or Curry but now I am obsessed with JP. I really want to get it.
  12. Jaune Poisson all the wayyyy :smile: if i had funs i'd get Jaune Poisson and mango tho :biggrin:
  13. Oh yes. I love the Mangue but I cannot find it anywhere since it is of past seasons and I cannot find a preloved. I much prefer it to Curry.
  14. Mangue was a nice yellow. I prefer this mangue to curry.