Jaune Part-time

  1. does anyone have a picture of a jaune part-time or city with giant gold hardware?

    how much does it cost and where can i get it?
  2. Giant Part time cost abt 1645 i think
    Giant City 1595

    Maybe u wanna try aloha Rag.. love@aloharag.com
    But i think they dun carry part time anymore n juane is out of stock for city
  3. Have you tried Barneys yet ? I am not sure if they have PT Jaune, otherwise try Saks.
  4. This is the picture of jaune d'or part time with silver giant hardware. I am sorry it is not so clear. It is from balenciaga lookbook of the season. You can try to get it at luisaviaroma.com, the price is 1235 euros. They will deduct 16% vat and free shipping. But please check how much you will have to pay custom tax for your country. Good luck :smile:

  5. Wow! That looks really nice....just when I think I'm done with my purchases, along comes another bag that tempts me....must remain strong....