Jaune owners - how often do you carry your bag?

  1. I just received a jaune city that is much more of a 'golden/orange' color than the step I returned. The city has incredible leather and I find myself really liking the color. I am struggling, though, because while I love the bag I am not sure how much I will carry it. Can you jaune owners help me out? How much do you carry your bag? Do you find it matches alot of your wardrobe? I normally wear neutrals, no prints at all. TIA!
  2. I wear my Jaune Day ALL the time! I wear a lot of black, grey, dark denim, and then pops of green, purple, and pink. Hope this helps! :smile:
  3. ^^Thanks, Sammydoll! Any color transfer w/the denim?
  4. Hm, I tried on the SGH parttime today and I couldn't see myself using it everyday, but I did like the color. Yours is rh, right? So it's less blingy and I think you could wear that very well! It is a pop color though, maybe you'll need to put her in rotation to keep her fresh? And congrats!! :flowers:
  5. I am using my jaune step right now. I find it the perfect color for Oct and Nov.
  6. Veryveryveryyyy slightly, nothing noticable unless you put your head an inch away from corner. Also my jeans are very dark.
  7. I've been wearing it every day since I got mine last Friday. My wardrobe is mostly dark & med. denim, black, blues, greens, dark gray, with a bit of pink mixed in. I also had the same concern when I first got the bag, but it pretty much matches with everything I have. In my sea of black, brown, and blue bags, jaune is the first bright color I've ever purchased. My bag has the more orangey/golden hue, and I actually like that better. I've gotten so many compliments on this bag!
    There is a tiny bit of denim transfer on mine at the back bottom seam, but it's very minimal--doesn't bother me at all.
  8. I've had my juane City for at least a month and I've never used it. I love the color alot but I just don't know if I'm ever going to use it. I was just starting to think about whether or not I should part with it. It's a tough choice!
  9. probably every weekend i'll break her out... i only carry my bbags on non-work days, due to my working environment. but when i use the jaune, i find it goes with most of my wardrobe. neutrals, browns, navy, black, and sweats. haha

  10. POst a PIC!!!!! I would love to see it!!!
  11. Here is mine....How does it compare in color to yours as far as more orange or yellow? I have never carried mine. Again, it is a color thing! As i don't think it compliments my hair/skin coloring. Other than that, I LOVE the color and just had to have it! Call me crazy :nuts:!
  12. My bag is almost exactly the same color. Great leather/distressing, love the bag, but just don't think I will carry it enough to justify the $$. Especially w/all the s/s 08 bags I waitlisted for! Pretty sure it is going back. I have been on a spree lately - 3 bags in 2 months are definitely keepers. That's alot for me. I haven't carried one of my LV or Chanel bags since I got my violet city!
  13. I picked up my RH City the first week of September, and I've carried it almost every day since. Mine sounds like it is similar to yours, more golden/orange than I expected it to be.
  14. ^^Our bags are very similar! Love your bag! Did you put a black tassel on it? Very cute!
  15. I carry my jaune day every day and I love it!!!! I couldn't care less what I'm wearing...I'll use it with everything :smile: