Jaune OR Grape

  1. can anyone help me?? i'm going to buy balenciaga but i can't decide which color i should buy between Jaune(Marigold) and Grape? pls help me to make a decision.:confused1:
  2. I think the best way to know for sure is see the colors in person. One of them is more likely going to grab you and say..."I will look fabulous on you, buy me."

    I pray those colors are in stock when I go to Las Vegas in a week or two b/c I'm already getting the violet and was thinking about switching.
  3. it really depends on what you like best! what color can you see going with your wardrobe more, which one would you get more use out of? i know personally i love the violet because it will work best for me and is GORGEOUS from what i've seen
  4. I think both look gorgeous from the pictures I've seen! So it really depends on what you want (darker vs. lighter). I think both would be very versatile, to.
  5. the decision is too difficult for me. i am gonna get both!
  6. I personally would choose Grape...with a Jaune accesory. In fact that is exactly what I'm doing. :p
  7. Is there any chance that you could see both IRL? As with what realdeal said, I think that it would be better to base your decision on the color that just GRABS you when you see it. That color mightn't even be jaune or violet!
  8. For me I think Juane is more versatile and can easily go with my wardrobe. But I might just get both if I can get my money back for the LE Magenta bag that I still have not received.
  9. Litsui, I just saw the written in your avatar, it is sooo funny :roflmfao: It made my day...
  10. I do the "cool-toned" thing with my wardrobe, makeup, etc., so for me, this question is a no-brainer: VIOLET!!
  11. It depends on your wardrobe and the other bags you already have. I would also try to see them in real life before making a decision. But if you ask me, GRAPE!
  12. ;)I`d like to get both.....in a daybag wih silver;)
  13. i prefer grape coz i personally like deep purple/violet....
  14. I LOVE the purple for fall--it's the new "in" color. Plus it's easier to keep clean and less likely to fade.
  15. I'm doing the same thing! A yellow accessory in a purple bag is going to POP!