Jaune Marigold Giant Work pics....

  1. My LVR giant jaune work arrived today. She is not yellow, but yellow-orange. The color is very unique and is pretty. I am unsure whether I'm keeping it. I will be posting additional pics in other lightings today. The front view is an indoor pic and the other 2 are with natural light.
    bal3.jpg bal4.jpg bal2.jpg
  2. That is very loud and it's gorgeous! It's a show stopper!!!! How's the leather~ it looks really awesome!!!!
  3. :nuts:W O W the pictures in natural light look much more yellow than others I have seen here! I LOVE it and the leather is TDF gorgeous!!!!!:tup:
  4. I think is beautiful!!!! I love how it ranges between marigold/orange to sunny yellow. GORGEOUS:heart:

    I hope you keep her, congrats!
  5. oh congrats! a bit much for me but still gorgey!
  6. :pI have a daybag with giant silver now.
    I really like it a lot.

    The leather is very nice.

  7. Almost my 500 post......maybe in time for my
    violet workbag which im` getting today....:wlae:
  8. Congrats! The color is beautiful and bright in natural light. Please post modeling pics.
  9. Very pretty! You should keep it :yes:
  10. so pretty! i love it! but if you don't love it then i suggests returning it.
  11. Wow!!!! It's beautiful! Yours looks much more yellow than the others I've seen posted so far. Love to see modeling pics.
  12. It looks brighter than the other ones we've seen which I like. I hope you keep it!
  13. Wow it looks amazing! Hope to see some modelling pics! :nuts:
  14. i am still unsure about getting marigold too. i guess i will have to see for myself in person. if it doesn't make me go WOW! i will pass.... if it's not love at first sight, prob shouldn't keep it.
  15. I love her!!! These pics have given me hope that I will like jaune when I get my RH day.... Are these a pretty accurate depiction of colour IYO?