Jaune lost it's luster???

  1. I noticed on eBay that there is a ton of Jaune bags listed; ending without any bids. I absolutely love my Jaune Twiggy; more than my Violet Step. The color is just so gorgeous for fall.

    What do you all think? Why is the Jaune bags not moving? Do you think that it was a color people did not like IRL or was unable to wear? Just curious to find out what you all think, now that the bag has been out for a while.

    I have probably used my Jaune bag more than any other bag since I received it. I guess I am just surprised to see so many going unsold on eBay.
  2. Jaune is beautiful, but it doesn't mach with every wardrobe...
    I also think Jaune is easy to wear in Spring Summer...
  3. I love my jaune city but am probably going to return it as it just doesn't go with much in my wardrobe. I can't justify keeping it if I can't wear it alot. This has been the most difficult bbag return decision I have ever had to make, though. I love the color.
  4. I've noticed a lot of yellow and purple the same shade as Violet and Jaune this season in the clothing stores here in the UK so presume it is the key colour this fall/winter.

    I've noticed that the Jaune bags selling on eBay are listed for more than the RRP, i've admired many of the bags on ebay in Jaune and Violet and would have put a bid on in a heartbeat especially as there is a shortage of violet and jaune here in the UK but the prices are crazy on eBay, for example a violet courier for $1499 + $50 shipping, i bought mine from Printemps Paris including shipping for $1000. Or a violet twiggy for $1699 anyone?

    My other theory is that there was a lot of excitement at Bal releasing another yellow and i think many hoped it would be more like the 2004 yellow. The swatches of the 2008 yellow seems to be closer to the 2004 yellow and perhaps some people are off loading their 2007 yellow in favour of the up and coming 2008 yellow?
  5. I love my Juane work, and I have been using it - not a lot, but I have a lot of Bbags to put into rotation. It is pretty easy to match it up in my wardrobe because I wear jeans and a casual top/sweatshirt all the time!
  6. I purchased a Jaune and Violet city. At first I wasn't crazy about the Jaune but now I find it's a favorite bag of mine to go to since I love its unusual marygold color.
  7. I love my juane twiggy as well! I'm not even contemplating the '08 yellow because it is too loud and bright! I think they are sitting on ebay because people are trying to get more than retail for them!
  8. :yes: Totally agree, Jaune looks fabulous next to denim jeans! :heart: I wear a lot of jeans and causual tops/sweatshirts too and Jaune makes an outfit 'pop'
  9. Jaune is gorgeous! I rotate my bags....a different one each day.....all work, day and city.......
    Just to make it interesting!!!! drives the hubby nuts!!!!!:wlae::yahoo:
  10. ^^ ditto!!! :girlsigh:
  11. Does Jaune vary a lot in color? I saw it at Barney's Seattle and thought it was really not very attractive...it didn't have much orange at all and it looked dull and almost brownish yellow. In photos on here, though, I've seen some really lovely looking Jaunes (especially the ones with more of an orange hue).
  12. I love this color, but can't find a city with sgh. It has such a rich warm tone too, I think this color is much more favorable than the one coming for spring/summer.
  13. I think that ebay in general has slowed down a lot for bbags. I think that it is also the time of year when we all start thinking of what we have to purchase for the holidays and not necessarily that fab new bag. January is always a hot month on ebay for balenciaga, I have noticed this the last 3 years. I think that it is due to people selling off for the new colors and to pay off holiday debt. So, I personally am really looking forward to January to find some of the items that don't usually show up.

    Juane is really pretty, but not for everyone. It does not go well with my skin tone, but I would love an accesory.
  14. I think the Jaune colour will be easier to wear than the new SS 08 fluro yellow coming out...I think a few people can't match Jaune into their wardrobe and that's why they're selling. However, Jaune is a warm colour. I believe it's an all year round colour. The fluro yellow will be even more difficult to match into a wardrobe - especially in fall/winter. Whereas, some people are selling their Jaune in the anticipation of the fluro yellow...Hmmm...I say hold onto your Jaune until then. Once people see the new yellow IRL, they will prefer the Jaune again ;) It is VERY bright ;)
  15. I was waiting for a Jaune First :crybaby:

    Now I missed all the Works. Sigh. Maybe this is good for me :graucho: