Jaune leather reminds me of 06 leather

  1. I had a twiggy, and the leather was nice, not like my cinnamon though. Sold it for a city cause I prefer that style, which arrived today, and the leather was not thick thick or squishy. More like the thinner, veiny, shiny leather of 06. I love it anyway, and luckily it respondsjust as well to lubriderm as the 06. It lost most of it's shine and veins, and plumped up a bit.
  2. I thought the Violet and Jaune looked like the '06 bags, too. Not all but the majority. I want to see pics of yours now that you moisturized it!!!
  3. I'll take pics tomorrow. Should have taken a before pic huh? Anyway, Lubriderm was a major improvement, just like when I did my 06 black and red bags.
  4. That's what I :heart: about these two colours. I am a huge fan of thinner, veiny, shiny leather.

    Can't wait to see your pictures, sunspark!
  5. Got a jaune twiggy a few weeks ago. Not fond of the leather, thought the colour was only okay compared to 04 Marigold. Keeping it just to have a yellow in the collection.
  6. I'm down for a Jaune First and if it has thin leather, I am afraid I will have to pass and get it in a smaller clutch style or keep on my Apple Green search...
  7. I have a Jaune SGH Day, and it is exactly like the leather on my 05 Magenta City! Very thick and amazing, my CP and compagnon however are more like 06 leather. I think it is another example of the GH vs rh leather. I love the color so much though.
  8. my rh jaune day is thick thick leather yet the twiggy i got was much thinner leather....
  9. didnt finish, i love them both but they are so different.
  10. Very Very Interesting.... Rh vs GH leather...hmmm. I love the diversity in taste. I'm a fan of the squishy thick stuff myself. Yet it seems the less squishy wears bettter. For example the binding of the leather seems to stay on better to less squishy. Congrats on your Jaune!
  11. Hey Roxane do you have comparison pics of your 04 and 07 marigold? Would love to see them together.
  12. ^^^ I will try to take some pix over the weekend in natural light. The 04 Marigold is TDF in terms of leather and colour. I have a mini Classique in 04 Marigold but want a First. There was an 04 Marigold First in pristine condition on eBay some months back, but I was waiting for jaune and did not bid on it, although it went over $2K :wtf: I am kind of regretting it now, but I recently developed an Hermes addiction, which means purchasing BBags takes a back seat.
  13. I think that all the years leather varies per bag. I've seen great leather on so called "bad" 06 bags, bad leather on "wonderful" 05 and older bags, and bad and good leather for 07. I am a fan of new, so which ever leather looks newer is my favorite. Either way, try finding another jaune city, because there are varities of leather out there. I had an 07 jaune work and the leather was beautiful and smooshy, almost silky, but too orange. I have an 07 jaune step and the leather is dryer and more distressed, BUT more yellow than orange.
  14. Agreed - my GSH Jaune City is really plump and gorgeous.
  15. I would love to see pics Roxane. Here are pics of my 07. I think she's more orangey than my twiggy was.

    First two pics are the city, last 3 are of the twiggy.
    jaunecity.jpg jaunecityback.jpg jaune twigfront.jpg janueback.jpg