jaune giant day pics - gold and silver

  1. Which do you prefer? I know BalNY's pictures aren't great, and worse, these two pictures aren't even in the same lighting, but... what which do you prefer?


  2. SILVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Can you tell I like it?)

    Thanks for the pics, can't get enough for that wonderful Jaune. Do you know how many they have? I'm considering one, as I don't have a Bal Day-style bag yet.
  3. The contrast between GSH and Jaune is nice.
  4. I really thought I'd prefer silver, too, for the contrast. But somehow I'm liking the blend of the gold better - the way the hardware disappears into the bag is kind of nice in a way. Anyone else?
  5. def. gold. :yes:

    the silver looks slightly displaced against the jaune - maybe if jaune had a little less orange, then maybe, silver.
  6. this one for sure!! the gold disappears in the other one, silver just POPS on this one. i am loving this jaune!!
  7. Tough call, I think I like the gold a tad more, but it's a close call.
  8. I like the GSH
  9. HmmM i LIKE Both... Silver gives it more of an edge, Gold matches & gives it a more elegant feel. Cant go wrong w/ either Cuteusername! g:huh:d luck & thanks for posting pics. :wlae:
  10. I like the silver better, but I'm not sure if it's the hardware or the fact that I like the color of the bag better in that picture. Maybe the lighting is what makes it look better...
  11. SILVER!!! That's a gorgeous day!
  12. I like the silver and I like the color of the first bag much better. The 2nd one looks positively pumpkin.
  13. It does have a very pumpkin/squash color to it, totally fall and I LOVE IT!!!

    Either one: spectacular!!!!
  14. I like them both pretty equally. It's so hard to decide, but I think I like the silver a little bit more.
  15. I like the Gold- It just goes together well.