Jaune First orders cancelled by Bal

  1. Hi everyone, I was waitlisted at Cult Status in Australia for a Jaune First. As it turns out they are not receiving their shipment. Apparently there were production problems??? I wonder if this is the same situation for all stores?

    Here's a quote from their email notification to me:

    "We have some very bad news. The yellow first has been cancelled by Balenciaga due to "techinical problems". I am not sure if any yellow firsts made it to production but we have been told that they have cancelled them from our order. We apologise for any disappointment this made cause you, however this matter was completely out of our control. Please do not hesiatate to contact us if you have any further questions."

  2. Wow, that stinks! The First was the only style I was considering in Juane.
  3. I know! I am glad a got my Jaune Envelope Clutch just in time before this news came out...
  4. Wow...same thing that happened with the French Blue firsts! What is up with Balenciaga!?!?
  5. what a shame! :tdown:

    I hope they produce the First in the 2008 Yellow ((crosses fingers))
  6. Oh, too bad. That would explain why none of us ever got notified.
  7. Thanks for the update...I had a feeling something was wrong. I have been waitlisted for that bag since May.
  8. well, at least Bal isn't selling these defective bags! so many other 07s have had issues.
  9. They must have really been defective for Bal not to sell them.
  10. I wonder that the problem is?
  11. no jaune first?! i think this is the color most of us wanted in the first style. thanks for the update.
  12. damn IT.

    thanks for the update.
  13. UGH!
    I knew it!!! :sad: I have had this bad feeling that Jaune First might not be produced but tried to be so hopeful..
    Why why Balenciaga?
    I believe this is one of the most anticipated colour and style expected by some of us!
  14. What a disappointment! I wonder what's wrong? All the other styles are already out without any problems...
  15. Oh no! i think a jaune first would have looked amazing. thanks for the heads up!