Jaune Coin Purse or Make Up Clutch

  1. Does any one know where i can find either one in any stores? any help will be appreciated.:heart:
  2. Check the online auction site==there was one around last I checked!
  3. Yep, there is a Jaune makeup on eBay for $395 currently. I turned my Jaune MU into a clutch with a heavy brass chain. It's yum!
  4. I just acquired a Jaune CP for another member here. I will ask the SA if they have any more.

    I always believe a little "pay it forward" doesn't hurt.

  5. Thank you so much Jim.:smile:
  6. Nanaz--Barneys Seattle has a Jaune MU in stock. Their number is 206.662.6300 I was just in there yesterday!
  7. I was at Barneys BH on Monday & they had a cp.
  8. Thanks ladies for all your help.:heart: I found my Jaune CP.:yahoo:
  9. ^^YAY!!! I'm so glad I could (hopefully!) help! I LOVE it when PF'ers get their hearts desire!! Post photos when it arrives! :heart:
  10. Yayayay congrats! I'll bet she'll look wonderful inside of your Jaune day!