Jaune City RH - On Hold @ BalNY

  1. Praise to Daphne who rang me today from New York when I was still asleep on Sat morning in Sydney..Can't believe she would really let me know despite me living o/seas...*she is very sweet...

    I am waitlisted for the Jaune City RH and she rang me to info me that the bag is finally here!
    Whooohooooooooo! :yahoo:

    However after knowing that she wouldn't declare it lower as "its agains the law" :blush: *so embarrased now that I asked her that...
    When I spoke to her, I have asked her to put the bag on hold cos I will try to get my relative in US buying it for me...but now after some thoughts, I have decided that I will be better off buying off AR as it will be cheaper for me (my calculation shows $226.65 saving) and not to inconvenience my relatives..

    So to TPFer who is looking for Jaune City RH just pm me :smile: