Jaune: City or First......I can't decide so please decide for me!

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Which should I get in the color Jaune/Marigold?

  1. RH City

  2. RH First

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. My indecisiveness is stressing me out, so I'm letting you decide for me. I am really loving the City style w/ RH. I primarily use the shoulder strap (like Richie). But something about the First in Jaune is so cute! I can just picture myself wearing it with jeans and my converse. Which do you think will look best? Thanks for your help!
  2. Jaune City with RH :tup::heart: Good luck to you!
  3. i voted for the first - i think it might be too much yellow for a city...
    either one, it will be so incredible - i'm getting one in the make-up, hopefully:P
  4. I agree and voted accordingly.:tup:
  5. Either one would be gorgeous but I personally prefer the brighter colors on smaller bags, so I would get the first.
  6. Yep, save the really bright colors for the little bags!
  7. I agree with everyone else. I like bright colors in smaller bags. I think a First would be SUPER CUTE and then if you don't like it you know who to send it to!:graucho:
  8. Another vote for the smaller bag in the brighter color! I think it will look absolutely stunning with jeans (and just about anything else)!
  9. Oh, I guess I am the minority...I voted for the RH jaune city! I don't think of the city as a big bag, though.
    I am on the wait list for one myself!! Love it!!
  10. Bright color on a small bag looks a lot cuter than on a big bag.
  11. For bright color I prefer the First size
  12. Cracker, I am having this exact same dilemma! I am on 'the list' for the city w/ rh in jaune, but I keep second guessing myself thinking that I should have signed up for a first. I did not vote. What does everyone think? I only have cities, so a first would be a good choice, but I am afraid that I will regret not getting it in a city.
  13. first... i like brighter + pale colos better on the first, something about the brass hardware being closer together & appearing 'larger' on the first than the city makes those colors look better imo
  14. First or a Twiggy (even though its not on your list). I love both those styles for bright colours. A city for me would be just too much yellow.
  15. Well... I voted for the City, but I would probably have to see them both to give my true vote...

    I agree with everyone that the first looks awesome in very bright colors... so that would be a sure bet! :smile: