Jaune City from LVR at request of Kittenslingerie

  1. Hi Kittens.....

    I hope that this helps.

    I think the bag is a bit brighter and more orangey than it looks here. It is now late afternoon in my back garden. (On my monitor the pics seems a bit caramel looking but I am on dull screen power saving mode so that may not be how you see them.)

    The leather is certainly not as yellow looking as that of your original LVR Work.

    I think that the leather has also lost a bit of glamour in the vicious file shrinking process that I had to go through to post the images as my original photos look better.

    The bag is empty in the photos as I am having a Chloe day (hissss!)

    PS - I am now contemplating a Forest Green! Someone should be chaining me down!
    Jaune City 1_edited-2.jpg Jaune City 2_edited-2.jpg
  2. jenova she is gorgeous. i am really warming towards the jaune & it's fab to atlast see it in the gsh city :drool: x alex x
  3. Love it with the GSH!!!!! Thanks for the pictures!
  4. It's gorgeous. This color looks really fabulous especially with the SGH.
  5. Jenova- She is soooooo gorgeous!!! I love her! I am going to have to get one and that will be my last bbag until next season's color come out. Thank you so much for posting your pics for me!
    On another note, you NEED the forest/pine GSH too!!! I love the pic nanaz posted of the pine brief, so pretty. Which style would you be getting? The city would be nice or the part time....
  6. Wow! I am really starting to like this color with the SGH. Your bag looks amazing. Congrats!
  7. Dear Kitten - I am afraid that I don't believe this business about the last bag. I keep trotting it out myself. Please show your Jaune bag when it arrives.

    Oh dear - Pine / Forest Green. I was looking for a wallet because that seemed a forgiveable sin but I can't find one.

    Harrods might be getting Forest Green Firsts. I have only one First but then it is so small and I might not use it much as I carry too much stuff. I only have one First (Vert Gazon) but I have 2 Baby Paddys and that should be enough weeny bags.

    I was wondering about a Work because that would be a new venture for me. But I bet that big bags will be 'out' very soon and I have lots of big bags.

    I am worried that people say that the Part Time is too bendy. I actually think that even Cities are rather bendy so I might hate a Part Time.

    Maybe it has to be another City but I have 3 (Sandstone, Violet and Jaune). It is obscene of me but Cities are nice middle sized bags so are a good fashion compromise?????

    Maybe I should go back to waiting to find a green purse or wallet? .......but I want a violet wallet or one of those black ones with multi studs.

    I should buy a kitten instead.
  8. Actually you can get a free kitten and get the forest city. Thats my recommendation or the forest brief. I love my new violet brief, its currently my favorite bag. I think I'd only get the brief in darker colors though, so forest would qualify. I am already planning next season's bags so I MIGHT be finished for this season. I do however like the GGH tomato brief that Mira Survani the actress had on in the celeb subsection.
  9. Quite hard to get a rescue kitten in the UK and you have to endure a home visit to check you out which I hate. My last rescue cat was all butter wouldn't melt in her mouth until she arrived at home and started duffing up my 17 year olds who tried to leave home. It would have to be a baby.

    Seriously I have to wait until my oldest cat passes away because he has become rather naughty in his t*ilet habits and I don't want a newcomer to copy this.

    Oh Lord, I have to admit to having a Truffle Brief too (but it was second hand so not full price she yelped). I agree that they are probably best dark or subdued - well for me anyway. Super bags though!

    I like Tomato too but would want it to be something small. I am toying with the idea of a red First.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Jenova, your Jaune is gorgeous:nuts: I am the wrong person to talk you out of Pine though, I fell in love with the pic Nanaz posted and am on the hunt for a Pine SGH brief. Think it will be fab for fall/winter:smile: Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday weekend.
  12. hi jenova...wow she is a stunner! i LOVE LOVE this colour!..shall i get this colour instead of violet haha..now i can't make my mind up!

    just wondering, may i ask how much did you pay for it including custom?..i've never ordered the back from other countries before..so just would like to know roughly..or free custom as it's from italy???
  13. I am amazed on how gorgeous Jaune is with GSH-makes it POP that much more. HOT! Congrats Jenova!!!!
  14. Hi again Benzie.

    It was 1,195 Euros. No shipping charge because Luisaviaroma.com does not charge shipping (to Europeans anyway) on orders over 1,000 Euros. LVR is in Italy which is in the EU so there is no Customs charge and VAT is already included. The exchange rate varies so you need to use a conversion site to work out how much this is in GBP. This is one you could use if you want:


    Thanks for liking my bag.
  15. Many thanks. Stayed home today and it is HOT. Working out which bag to take to the beach tomorrow though. Is it sunny up there too?