Jaune 07 Or Apple Green 05?

  1. i am torn between these two gorgeous eye-popping brights! :nuts: what do you girls think?
  2. I would prefer the jaune over the apple green.
    The apple green would, i assume, be a used or pre-owned. What shape is it in?
  3. i love AG~~ i am just not into Jaune color~
  4. I debated this too: and grabbed the Apple.

    Although when the Jaune Firsts come out I reserve the right to change my mind :ninja:
  5. def. apple - as long as it's a minter!
    have fun choosing! xax :smile:
  6. definately green apple.....there is a great seller that i just bought a vintage green apple coin purse from....burukogepanda....she also has a bag listed in great condition.....
    LOVE the coin purse
  7. I'm saying apple green...
  8. I ever had the Jaune Twiggy that I returned cause I prefered to have Jaune in other style like Step. If I can get the AG in MINT or pristine condition, I would go with AG, that is my dream bag.
  9. I prefer yellow to green... so I vote jaune!
  10. I vote Jaune too! I just got my Jaune MU and I am so in love with this color I'm debating a Jaune Day!
  11. As much as I love AG, I'm not head over heels in love with the color like I am with Jaune, so of course my vote goes to Jaune:love:

    Which color do you think would better suit your wardrobe??
  12. I have and love both; apple green for spring/summer and jaune for fall.
  13. I would go with the apple green, but I'm also just not a warm color person. I think I own a grand total of one clothing item in yellow. I think the green color looks very fresh, though I agree with Becca that it is more of a spring-y color.
  14. I adore jaune
  15. Jaune. It looks good with everything!