"Jason Bourne" movie question

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  1. Has anyone here been to any of the preview screenings of this and can answer one question?

    This is crazy but the first four films in the series used the same track for the end titles ("Extreme Ways" by Moby) and it's driving my little OCD brain absolutely frickin' CRAZY that I may sit through 2 hrs 3 minutes of film next weekend and then - the horrors!! - a different theme song will play. :amazed:

    Because you CANNOT have the same song on 4 films and not the fifth, this kind of thing should carry jail time - or, y'know... :biggrin:

    Ive been stalking that song's Wikipedia page, but don't want to read any reviews or detailed pages yet because of spoilers... :oh:

    I know this is silly but it's actually bugging me quite a lot! We went into town to see the red carpet nonsense last Monday, not front-row or anything, just hanging out in Leicester Square with some coffee, because I insisted and I didn't hear that song played. Did get to see Matt Damon irl & "in the flesh" though, we walked past the entry barrier with no crowd in front just after he arrived, so that was cool. Hope I dont get a ban now for being a maniac! :nuts:
  2. They play the same theme song in the commercial, I'm quite certain they'll play the same theme song during the movie.
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  3. Thanks!! Fingers crossed... crazy but it'll feel like wearing mismatched shoes otherwise. :biggrin:
  4. Aren't there only 3 Bourne movies? (soon to be 4)
  5. no, there are 4 out at the present time but the first 3 are with Matt Damon playing Jason Bourne. the 4th one is with Jeremy Renner (sp?) and i'm not sure if he's a different character or not - it didn't do as well as the other three.
  6. That's right, Jeremy Renner plays a different operative, in a slightly different program, where the agents have to take pills to maintain their conditioning and an enhanced physical and mental state,

    When Bourne & CIA deputy director Landy go public, during the events in The Bourne Ultimatum, the CIA & other shady types have to roll everything up and dispose of their operatives - which you can guess isn't via a cushy retirement package or anything!

    Renner's character narrowly escapes the slaughter, but he knows he'll start to deteriorate if he can't get the drugs they were being fed, so he has to track down a doctor who was working on the project for help, and she offers him a permanent way out - but with the CIA hot on their heels, and a new, deadlier type of operative drafted in to track them down. I think that film was unfairly underrated and the bike chase at the end was thrilling!

    That was the 4th, The Bourne Legacy, the first three were -
    The Bourne Identity
    The Bourne Supremacy
    The Bourne Ultimatum.
  7. I remember the Jeremy Renner movie but I guess I forgot about one of the Matt Damon ones. Which is weird because I have seen them all multiple times. Lol!
  8. i never saw the one with Jeremy Renner. and i can't wait to see the new one. Matt Damon looks really buff in the previews ... yum!
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