Jason Biggs Engaged

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    American Pie star Jason Biggs has popped the question to his girlfriend, actress Jenny Mollen.
    "It happened recently," he told Usmagazine.com Tuesday night at the Hollywood premiere of his new comedy Over Her Dead Body.
    "He asked me over and over again ever since we met!" Mollen, 28, joked.
    Said Biggs, 29: "I asked her the first night we met."
    The two began dating this summer shortly before shooting their upcoming comedy My Best Friend's Girl.
    Mollen admitted she was "skeptical" when she first met Biggs.
    "I had never dated an actor before, so I'd kind of hoped to steer clear," she told Us. "I was sort of on the fence, and he sort of won me over."
    So have they set a date?
    " I think we're going to elope. We don't want to deal with all of the drama of dealing with my family," Biggs joked.

  2. What has he done besides American Pie ? I can't remember him from like anything else..
  3. He was on that movie 'Loser' with Mena Suvari
  4. I LOVE HIMM I loved Loser too!!! lol

    Good for himm :smile:
  5. LOL she said "sort of" manyyyyyyy times
    but congrats to them~
  6. They are cute.
  7. Cute couple... congrats to them!
  8. Congrats for them, they seem nice and normal by hollywood's standards.
  9. I know him from like 2 movies and then he seemed to have disappeared into oblivion, but who the heck is this so-called actress?
  10. They are cute! Good luck to them
  11. Congrats. He was pretty funny in american pie!
  12. Awww good news !
  13. congrats
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  14. Good for him, he is so sweet !