Jasmine Guy

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  2. I love Jasmine ....I dont know who took those awful pics of her though ! she almost looks like Michael Jackson. :s
  3. what happened to her? has she acted at all lately? I know she was doing Broadway at one point.
  4. I loved her as Whitley Gilbert on A Different World!! She does look a little like Michael Jackson in the first two pics. :s As far as recent work goes, I know she was on a Showtime series a few years ago but I haven't seen her in anything else since then.
  5. She is so beautiful. I agree though....she is looking a little like Michael Jackson. I remember her on A Different World also as Dominique La Rue on Harlem Nights. For those of you that have never seen that movie, it is sofa king funny!!!
  6. Completely looks like MJ in these photos!! But she is pretty otherwise. :smile:
  7. Whitley! I used to love that show. haha

  8. :roflmfao: Yeah I loved her as "Whitley: on a DW but these pics do her no justice
  9. She looks great i hope I can look half as good when I'm her age
  10. Yeah, she's great! Much prettier than in these photos, though. Love her!
  11. i think that she still looks great. i remember her as whitley, my favorite character on different world.
  12. I like watching reruns of A Different World. I love the episode when she runs off with Dwayne during her wedding ceremony(ok, not fun for the groom of course!). They belonged together all along.
  13. Someone has had some serious botox and a little pull.........
  14. double post!
  15. ay yay yay...