Jasmin - which color?

  1. I LOOOVE the lilac color, but bought a Noe recently in this color. I really love the feminine shape and purple is my favorite color, but not sure if I need two bags in the same color. Red/silver seems nice too (is that the deeper old red?).

    Advice? Suggestions for other colors?
  2. Well, I am not sure if you want to wait -- but I know that it is rumored that LV is going to bring out a purple color (kind of like Amarante vernis) in the Epi for the fall/winter line. Not sure if it will come in the Jasmin purse though.

    Otherwise, I like the Jasmin in black and in ivoire and in red... you can see where I am going...If you like the red and don't want to wait and see if the purple rumors work out, then I would go with the red.
  3. Really? That sounds really pretty!
  4. Yeah, there was talk of it in Label Addict's great Fall/Winter thread in the Reference subforum. Not a lot of details yet, but sounds like a good possibility that there will be purple Epi in the fall.
  5. I'm not a huge fan of Lilac, plus it tends to discolor. I'd go for either the Ivorie or the new Red. I believe the old red was brighter and the new red is a bit darker than that one. :yes:
  6. I prefer the jasmin in black or in the old red. I have the old red and simply love it!
  7. I think it would look pretty hot in the Ivoire!! But also I like the red.
  8. All the colors are lovely....Good luck choosing one.
  9. i personally love jasmin in lilac, vanilla, mandarin, IVOIRE

    good luck on choosing ;)
  10. I prefer the Red or Mandarin :smile:
  11. Ivoire or black!
  12. Amaranthe is for vernis - jasmin is made in epi only, so I dont think this colour will apply. Also amaranthe is a darker plum type, not very close to the lavender/lilac.

    i have a lilac epi nocturne, and love the colour, and was also torn between lilac/black/ivoire for the jasmin. I'd say go with another colour, because you (ok, maybe not you, but I would) want each piece to be unique...ivoire is beautiful.
  13. Black!
  14. Black or red!

  15. She was saying that LV is rumored to be coming out with a darker purple color in the epi for THIS Fall (She only referenced the Amarante vernis as a color basis). Meaning, I am certain she understands the difference.