Jasmin - what color?

  1. Hey everyone. I like the Jasmin but don't know whether to get it in white or black. What would you guys recommend, and could you post up modeling pics if you have it? Thanks.
  2. id go for balck, it goes with EVERYTHING.
    its such a beautiful bag, either color you get. but white tends to look dirtier, so consider that factor, too;)
    good luck!!!
  3. I'd get the black if you have a lot of cold weather where you live, but if you live where it's mostly warm and sunny then I say the ivoire!!
  4. I like ivory more. I find it hard to find a nice ivory/white bag and Jasmin is beautiful. It's easier to find a black bag so I say ivory.
  5. Ivorie, black is more common and the Epi Ivoire is stunning.
  6. Is the Ivorie an LE color or no?
  7. It's not a LE color but all colors in the Epi line are only available for a period of time before they are discontinued and replaced with a new one. As there are two shades of purple lined up for February/March release, something from the current line is slated to for retirement.
  8. I'd go with black ... so classy and timeless!
  9. Black for it's understated luxury! I have them in Mandrian and old red, both are beautiful :love:
  10. Thank you for this post! I'm planning to get the black one on saturday, please everyone, model pics would be so nice!
  11. Black or RED....I own both....

    And I prefer <<<RED>>>>

  12. black :biggrin:
  13. Black!!!! :tup:
  14. Red is stunning.
  15. I agree!
    But if the Jasmin comes in the new Violette, be sure to check that one out also!