Jasmin v epi speedy 25?

  1. For those of you that have both a jasmin and an epi speedy 25, can you tell me which one holds more for an everyday bag? Also, which one is easier to get in and out of?
  2. I prefer the Jasmin. Im not sure how much it hold, but the Speedy 25 manages to hold alot.

    I can fit a knee length cotton coat, my mini ipod, long wallet, mints, sunnies case and a pack of tissues in my bag.
  3. Dimple, thank you for your reply. I hope someone can let me know how much the Jasmin holds.
  4. The Jasmin can hold a large wallet (zippy), glasses case, cell phone, cosmetic bag, and mp3 player. I can prob fit a tad more stuff in but then it'll just be too heavy.
  5. Speedy 25 definitely holds more than Jasmin, but I love the elegant look of Jasmin.
  6. ^ita
  7. If you didn't have a speedy one, go for a speedy otherwise go for a Jasmin.
  8. Speedy 25 holds more than the jasmin. I took my Azur speedy 25 shopping with me and went to LV to look at the jasmins. I put everyting I had in my azur into a jasmin. It fit, but it was pretty snug as with my azur I had plenty of room for more.