JASMIN question! HELP! Is the zipper hard or fluide?

  1. Hi all, I just got a new Jasmin epi in black - the zipper seems to be very stubborn and difficult to operate - doesn't slide very easily...is this normal with the newer jasmin epi's? Or should it slide very easily without me having to put the bag down?
  2. My Jasmin also had a stiff zipper - should loose up with use
  3. My Vanilla Jasmin's from 2004 (although not used very much) and the zipper is still kind of stiff!
  4. Thanks Addy and Karman!

    Happy Birthday Karman - I had mine on the 2nd and my Jasmin didnt arrive in time, but oh well.

    It's a relief to know my piece isn't defective.
  5. Thanks Bordelle! ;)
  6. Yep my Jasmin is that way too!
  7. Mine isn't too bad, I don't have to set the bag down in order to open it.
  8. Thanks Sphere and Rebecca!

    I've managed a few times without setting it down, but I don't look very graceful!
  9. I have the old red epi jasmin from 2002. The zipper is still stiff! I know what you're talking about where you have to sit the bag down to open your bag. It's just so awkward. :push:
  10. Mine is from 2005. The zipper is slightly stiff, but so is the bag. I have no trouble opening it, though. Perhaps LV made some adjustments?