Jasmin or Montaigne PM???


Jasmin or Montaigne PM?

  1. Jasmin

  2. Montaigne PM

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  1. They're both quite similar beside the fact that one is more rectangular than the other. Jasmin is a classic and Montaigne looks like an update version of the Jasmin. However, they both are gorgeous bags. Between the two, which one do you like better?
  2. i voted jasmin
  3. hmm... hard choice, but i'll say montaigne for a few reasons:

    1) it's a brand new style.

    2) the strap on the montaigne is a little longer, making it easier to hold on the crook of your arm.

    3) it has protective feet at the bottom.

    4) i like the pockets inside the montaigne.
  4. another vote for jasmin. like you said it's a classic! it's a great bag IMO.
  5. i agree with kaye on all the above points plus, i think the bag is a bit more roomier inside than the jasmin.
  6. ^I agree with kaye and Nakolulu... Montaigne is so much roomier and cuter IMO...
  7. I voted jasmin. What color are you going to get?
  8. love the montaigne pm especially the ivory color-TDF
    I like that its new and the bowling bag is always a classic-every designer makes one.
  9. Another vote for Jasmin here ~ love the pure elegance.:yes:
  10. I love the Jasmin -- such a classic beautiful shape. I like the Montaigne as well, but the bowler shape is in a lot of other lines where the shape of the Jasmin is much more unique.
  11. I own a Jasmin and think that it's one of the most beautiful bags!!!!!
  12. I voted for Montaigne PM
  13. Another one for montaigne here!
  14. Voting for Jasmin:smile:
  15. Saw Jasmin in person it was quite small in capacity. Did not see Montaigne but it defiinitely looks roomier so I'd go for the Montaigne. If you don't carry alot Jasmin is really cute.