Jasmin in Paris?

  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm going to be studying at Cambridge (UK) this summer and I'd like to stop by the LV when I'm in Paris--is it a good idea to get it in Paris rather than CA? How should I do the duty free stuff? TIA!
  2. get one in paris -- it's the cheapest place to get an LV...
    Im not so sure of this but the last time I was there, know you can get the tax rebate of almost 10% (forgot) when you leave the territory.. meaning, you leave Europe or any EU countries... ask the SA in paris so you can fill out the form there/or they can fill out your form and you have to surrender that in the airport upon leaving
  3. Yes the price is slightly lower than US, and then on top of that you get back 12%. Have SA fill out the paper. Its for items that cost US $175 or higher. Its called a VAT refund.
  4. not only is it better b/c of the price difference, but how nice to be able to say "i got this in paris" lol know what i mean?

    Which color are you thinking of getting?
  5. Oh I love Paris, was there month ago and loved it, going back again in a month, can not wait. You will have so much fun to!!
  6. Taxes aside, I think you should buy in Paris because there's nothing like shopping for designer goodies in Europe! And PARIS is the mothership!!!!
  7. You received some great advice. Definitely buy in Paris for all the above stated reasons! And have a blast next semester!
  8. I'd like to get the Myrtille/silver for my mom
  9. Get it in Paris!!! Don't forget your passport! They need it to claim. You can play the "how much do we save" game and buy another goodie with the money you would get back. The Champs-Elysees store is awesome, it's like Disneyland for LV lovers. Plan on at least 4 hrs there.

  10. OMG! I want to play that game!! does anyone know how much I would get back? That's the store I'm planning to go to--it's right by my hostel