Jasmin in Myrtille?

  1. I love the Jasmin in Myrtille! I want to get a blue bag but I am a little scared about the problems people have been having with their Epi bags like rusting hardware. I was wondering, are they changing the hardware so this won't happen? Does it happen more so with the gold colored hardware?
    I am considering going with a Dooney Alto leather medium flap satchel because I haven't had any problems with their Alto leather line. I'd rather have another LV but for the price I want to make sure the quality will be good. I just don't know!:hrmm: What do you all think? Would you go with the Jasmin or the Damier Speedy plus another bag?
  2. I have a Myrtille bag and I love it. No probs.!!!!
  3. May i ask if the Myrille color is hard to wear with different colors outfits?
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