jasmin bag pictures?

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  1. With all of yeuxhonnetes' decision making between the lilac speedy and the jasmin, I realized that I don't even know how the jasmin looks on a person! Any lovely ladies want to post pics?
  2. :roflmfao: Did I tell you we like the same bags? That's my ultimate Vuitton! :love:
  3. Here's mine from Christmas :smile:
  4. ooooh that's a beautiful shape!!! It's definitely tough to choose between a lilack speedy and a lilac jasmin!
  5. no ****! :smash:

    i'm still agonizing!
  6. My very biased opinion is pro-Jasmin lol.
  7. Same.
  8. Love the Jasmin, and the mandarin colour is gorgeous !
  9. Jasmin! Its more different than a speedy. Everyone and their mama has a speedy!
  10. i still say jasmin
  11. beautiful bag. thanks for posting the picture.
  12. I think the jasmin is very cute...it would be nice to have a different style bag.
  13. jasmine is first on my list! then alma then speedy.
    jasmine all the way :flowers:
  14. Mandarin is my favorite color for the Jasmin!
  15. I like the Jasmin in Mandarin, red or black.
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