Jared Leto: Jess' New Man???

  1. Yep...
    She's dating Leto, witness said they're exchanging numbers at Los Angeles nightclub Hyde on June 2 and then, four days later, they were seen at another club, Double Seven. read more...

    oh well, she's already moved on from nick obviously.....
  2. Jared Leto is certainly a ladies man. Shish isn't he always dating the "it" girls? Oh well I don't think he is that cute. Yeah it seems obvious she forgot about Nick! Good thing it looks like he also moved on!
  3. Hmmm exchanging numbers/club sighting amounts to dating?? I wonder???
  4. ^LOL, I was thinking that too!

    IF they date, it's weird she chooses the notorious playboys of Hollywood! Since, you know, she's SO innocent! LOL!
    Jared and Adam Levine are both playahs!
  5. Nah. Jared Leto has eyes for another type of prize.
  6. This all cracks me up!
  7. I see JS is open for business 24/7 now that she is divorced ... :graucho:
  8. Yuck, how many girls do think Jared's been with? Kinda gross in my opinion. She could do MUCH better.