"Jardins d'Hiver" Carré!

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  1. Thanks to a lovely tPF'er, this beauty is now mine! :yahoo:Like any Hermès scarf, pictures just don't do justice to the colors. But the colors are perfect for me, and it's already one of my faves!


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  2. Ooooo Congrats to you! So lovely! You and the scarf!
  3. This is beautiful. I also want this scarf.

    Congrats, the color is just gorgeous. Looks great on you too.
  4. oh you look lovely in it! congrats ;)
  5. Wow, what a beautiful colorway!
  6. That pattern is beautiful -- I love the colorway on you!!
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm also finding that no matter now I tie it, it looks great. It's a lovely design.
  8. That looks beautiful on you, great find
  9. Oh, it's beautiful!!!! Congrats and enjoy!
  10. looks lovely on you, congrats on your new scarf
  11. Your new scarf is lovely. I'm so glad that you've found something that works so well for you.
  12. So beautiful. The scarf is lovely. Happy you found it!
  13. Beautiful scarf. Congratulations!
  14. One of my favorite scaft, congrats!!
  15. the pattern and the colors are gorgeous! it suits you very well!