Jardin d'Hiver scarf in Pink #7 - Anywhere?

  1. Hello all: Have fallen in love with this new design and color!!
    Has anyone seen in their local (USA) store for purchase? Hermes.com in France has posted on-site, but not USA.

    If seen and have favorite SA name, please let me know and I will purchase via charge/send.

  2. NYC has them. NYC is very strict with phone orders, so I would go through your SA, that way they can verify all your information.
  3. Should I call an SA at the S.F. store (my closest)- even if they don't have them there?

    Unfortunately, I won't be near a Hermes until August.
  4. August? Well, you can try to call NYC, if they sell it to you, great! If not, then call SF.
  5. This lovely scarf will be mine by Friday!

    Being sent by a very sweet and helpful SA in Houston Hermes by the name of Senna. So lovely to work with and just starting her career with Hermes --- A great intro for those who feel intimidated by the Hermes staff!
    They had it in the green colorway as well - :yahoo::heart:
  6. ^^ Congratulations, Abby. It really is a beautiful scarf!

    I find the monkeys in the scarf very cute. And I will definitely gift this to my daughter, only because she is born in the Lunar Year of the Monkey!
  7. wow! Im doing the same too mrssparkels!
  8. Thanks! - I can't wait! -
    Mmm what a great theme idea for gifts ...