Jar Opener?

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  1. #2 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
  2. I just use rubber tourniquets since I always have them lying around.
  3. I take the jar to the garage and smack the top on the pavement! Works like charm!
  4. I run warm water over the rim of the lid, it usually helps a lot. Sometimes it's not enough, though. I used to have a jar opener like the one you posted, it did help.
  5. I ran hot water on the lid and it worked!

    exotikittenx: How does your jar opener work? I'm trying to figure it out from the picture...
  6. I smack the edge of the lid on the edge of the counter. Works great! Hot water does work, too, but I usually only do that if smacking the edge doesn't help (usually I'll tap it once or twice in different spots on the lid).
  7. Hitting the perimeter of the lid with the back of a knife works well to break the seal as well.
  8. I usually smack the jar on the edge of the counter. One time I was desperate and I had a bathroom mat drying in the dryer, and I used the rubber bottom to open the jar and it worked great....I definitely wouldn't do that if it had been sitting on the bathroom floor though. :yucky:

  9. It is SO simple. You just fit the opener to the jar lid and set it to the correct notch. Then you grip and squeeze (if it is too loose, set it one notch closer) the jar opener and simply twist. It works like a charm! My mother also has this and she's had it for at LEAST 25 years lol. That is a great brand. I bought one because I loved hers so much. No need for another opener, this one is the best.
  10. Just getting a flat piece of rubber to grab the lid will help, too. That is my next step after whacking the lid with a knife. The hot water trick works really well for sticky jars (honey, molasses, etc.).
  11. I used to have a great jar opener built into the bottom of one of our kitchen cabinets (it looked like a V). We've since moved. I've tried buying similar jar openers, but none have been successful.

    I find hitting the jar in several spots around the lid with a serving spoon helps. I then try using this grippy piece of rubber I bought at Sur la Table to get a good grip to twist off the lid. If that doesn't work, I tap the lid again in several spots & try prying it off again. Eventually, the lid comes off.

    For lids that are stuck due to something sticky, I just wait for my husband to come home :P
  12. I have the grippy rubber thing to use on my lids and that still didn't work until I ran it under hot water. I hope to have a "stronger" lid opener so I don't have to sit there huffing and puffing to open the jar! :rolleyes:
  13. I always either smack the lid multiple times with the back of a butter knife or lightly tap it on the edge of the counter. Always works for me :smile:
  14. Hi Honu! Slide the blade of a butter knife under the lid to suck out the vacuum seal -- if you use this trick you can open ANY jar! :smile: