Jaquetta vs Elgin

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  1. I'm gonna buy either a Jaquetta or an Elgin - as soon as I find any of it!!! Seems kind of hard...

    However, which one do you think I should go for? I need it as a "business" bag, it has to fit papers A4-size etc.

    Pls help me... and if you know where to find any of these precious pieces, pls advice me on that too... !! :smile:
  2. A4 fits in Elgin. But I did experience that bigger files fit better in Bays. Do not know about Jaquetta.
  3. A4 tote is brilliant for business and a bit smarter looking than the jacquetta. My AM has a Bay which is stuffed full with her papers ( she can't close it ) I would recommend an A4 tote or even one of the regular Roxy totes - they are huge !
  4. Im not 100% sure but I would imagine the elgin to be better for A4 papers and stuff like that.
  5. As I do have both, I do believe that the Elgin would be better for holding papers, etc. I think your papers might get smooshed in Jacquetta. I agree with LimitedEdition, however, A4 Tote would be perfect for files, etc.
  6. I agree, the Jaquetta is not quite the right shape for files and papers etc to fit in nicely.
  7. Thanks for your answers... but I followed my heart and went for a jacquetta.... oak.... so nice! The original version, not the one that was on the sale. Oh how I hope it comes to me before end of this week... but I suppose that is too much to hope for.
  8. :lol: Let us know what you think of her when she arrives.
  9. I will indeed!
  10. The Jacquetta is a great bag Bobbo, you will love her whether you use her for work or pleasure!!! Let us see pix, please, when she arrives???

  11. Of course! I will be so proud - wanna show her to the world! :wlae: