Japster is off to the Hospital!!

  1. I am quoting her from another thread....

    Lets all wish our lovely Japster a serene and happy delivery of the newest addition to her family!!

    We will be sending our good wishes and prayers your way honey!!!!

  2. :yahoo:Best wishes to you, Gorgeous Mama & Mr Mini Japster too. :flowers:
  3. Hope that everything goes great and labor is relatively painless and smooth! Welcome to the world Mini Japster! and Congrats Japster!
  4. Best wishes for an easy birth and a healthy baby!! Please post pics of your new little one when you can!
  5. Japster, best wishes to you and your baby!
  6. awww japster... you are truly blessed at this moment to have a additon to your family may your delivery be safe & painless


    im sooo happy for youu
  7. Jasper, hope u have a painless and speedy delivery!
  8. :yahoo: It's Time!!!!!!!!:yahoo: Oh Sweet E!!! I Am So Excited For You All.....:heart::heart::heart: To The Whole Family!!!!!!!
  9. CONGRATULATIONS! Best wishes to you and your family Japster!!! :party:
  10. Lots of good wishes going your way for an easy delivery and a wonderful happy healthy baby! Mwah! :kiss: Mwah! :kiss:
  11. Quite new to all this in relation to all the others, but would just like to say that I hope everything goes well for you and your baby. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
  12. Japster - every best wish for a safe (and speedy) delivery :heart:
  13. Hugs and prayers to you and your new little one, Japster!! XXOOO pursegrrl
  14. Dearest Japster!
    I'm hoping for a very speedy delivery, and painless too! Here's to your beautiful and healthy baby! :heart:
  15. Prayers and best wishes to you!