Japster I am home safe from H

  1. Hey Japster and everyone one else that was waiting for me to post. Sorry that it took me so long to post. I didn't get back from the city until 7:00pm and I just got home from dinner with my dh.

    Today I went to H to see a birkin my SA offered me(yesterday) that was in the right size, color, hw (questionable b/c I didn't really know what I want) but the wrong leather (remember the VL s.o.s post).

    Well I was there bright and early at 10:00 am this morning. When I walked in my SA had a surprise for me. She told me that she had another birkin for me to chose from. I thought to myself "what can it be?".

    Well..... it was a 35 gold togo with PH. This was the combo I wanted all along and it was ava b/c someone didn't end up picking up their order. I was very lucky to have to opportunity to compare a gold VL with gold hw and a gold togo with ph hw.

    Both of the hw looked really good with the gold but I ended up choosing the gold togo with ph hw b/c all my jewelry are platinum. Fedex will be delivering my bag at 10:30am tomorrow and I will post pic then.

    I would like the thank everyone on the pb for all the informative post so I was able to make a inform decision.

    Thank you Japster for the great SA and support.

    thank you Shopmom for telling me to hold out for my dream bag instead of going for the 50/50 black with white interior birkin last week.

    many thanks to everyone for supporting me through the search.
  2. ohhhh congrats!!!!
  3. OH!!! I love!! I need a visual!

  4. Congratulations!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: What a lovely choice. I'm thinking about a Gold 30cm for my next SO...;) What a wonderful purchase!:flowers:
  5. Wow, congrats!!!!!!!
  6. Great choice and congratulations!
  7. woo hooooo!!

    congrats girl!

    can't wait to see those lovely pics!!!!!

    You must BE SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!
  8. Big congrats, Cxyvr!!!
  9. that's wonderful news, glad you were able to get your DREAM bag!!! can't wait to see pics, gold is beautiful!!!
  10. Congrats, Cxyvr! Gold togo Birkin is so classic. It's absolutely fab!
  11. Congrats & Enjoy!!!:yahoo:
  12. Congrats C- I'm so thrilled for you. Our SA rocks!
  13. ^^^WOO HOOOO....GREAT to hear you got your DREAM bag and the color and combo!! Also, it is so nice to be able to compare two bags instead of having to just decide on one!! This sounds so exciting!! Can't wait to see pics!!!

    Congratulations, and take a DEEP BREATH when the post man comes to your door!!:yahoo:
  14. :yahoo: Congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  15. YAY!! Congrats! Excellent choice! :smile: