Japs, Mac, and I are reissue 227, darkwhite TRIPLETS!!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. A really big thank you to japskivt :angel: for taking the time end effort to track down a reissue 227 in dark white for me today:heart: :heart: :heart: . I can't wait, should be here early next week.
  2. WOW!!!:nuts:
  3. Yay for Japs! Pretty soon we'll be paying her commissions, LOL!
  4. Glad to be a triplet with you. Yay for Japs!! Congrats on your bag!! (Japs found me one at Bloomies. Where did you find yours?)
  5. I had the SA at Bloomies hunt one down at their other store first thing this morning!! She had a messenger bring it over for Rose!!!
  6. You're such a doll.:heart:
  7. You are a STAR!!!!!! Can't thank you enough:heart: :heart:
  8. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. No problem!!:wlae:
  10. Now if you could all pose together, we'd get a great photo!
  11. ^ Great idea! In the Balenciaga forum, I think someone posted a pic with 3 girls carrying the same City bag. It was cute. :yes: Congrats on your new purchase! I bet you're so anxious for it to arrive!
  12. Thanks, I am not good at waiting:girlsigh:
  13. Congrats Rose. Can't wait to see your pics.
  14. Thanks, kaban